Safety Protocols - 2020-2021

Ongoing Safety Protocols (as of December 1st)

Check-In - 


- DO NOT JUST DROP YOUR STUDENT OFF!!  A parent or guardian must park and walk them to the check-in line and remain there until they have been given a "green" light to enter the building.   

- Check-In will begin 10 minutes prior to their class time.  No students will be allowed inside the studio until that time.

- Students who drive may NOT enter the building until 10 minutes prior to their class time.  Students who drive must also check-in at the check-in before entering the building.

- A quick temperature check on your students forearm will be conducted when you check-in your student.  Parents - please stand in the check-in line to be sure your child does not have an elevated temperature.  We will let you know as soon as you are good to go.  If the student's temperature shows "red" on our thermometer, we will ask them to remain in a holding area for a few minutes.  The temperature will be taken again and if the student's temperature is still "red", we will not be able to allow them in the studio for 24 hours.

- Students will be given hand sanitizer upon entering the building.  PLEASE NOTIFY US IN WRITING VIA EMAIL IF YOUR STUDENT CANNOT HAVE HAND SANITIZER and we will allow them to wash their hands with soap and water instead.  

- NO PARENTS or Family Members will be allowed into the studio for any reason.  Only 3DCA Staff, Faculty, and designated Parent Representatives will be allowed into the building.  WE DO NOT OFFER A PUBLIC BATHROOM AT THIS TIME.  Our Bathroom facilities are only for our students, staff and faculty members.  We apologize for any inconvenience, but thankfully Target is not too far down the road : )

- Payments can be made in the check-in line.  Just notify the staff member/volunteer that you are needing to make a payment. 


Check-Out -

- Parents/Guardians/Family Members (adults only please) are asked to come to the designated CHECK-OUT line when you see the studio door open indicating your child's class is ready to be dismissed.  We will be sure all students have shoes and jackets on before dismissing the class.  WE WILL NOT WALK STUDENTS TO THEIR CARS NOR ALLOW THEM TO COME OUT ALONE UNLESS THEY DRIVE.

- Students will be given Hand Sanitizer before being dismissed.  PLEASE NOTIFY US IN WRITING VIA EMAIL IF YOUR STUDENT CANNOT HAVE HAND SANITIZER and we will allow them to wash their hands with soap and water instead.  

- Please be patient... we will do all we can to make sure we are dismissing safely and promptly!

A few other notes - 

- At this time, the wearing of Masks remains optional at 3DCA.  

- Our Staff and Faculty members are cleaning and sanitizing the studio daily... and more often if the need arises.  

- PLEASE - if your dancer is sick, or showing any signs of being sick, DO NOT bring them to the studio!!  Please review our COVID-19 Policies and protocols at the link below.

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