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Who We Are

3D Centre of the Arts, LLC was established in 2017 to bring excellence in arts instruction and performance to the Upstate of South Carolina.  3DCA is Spartanburg's premier arts studio offering instruction in DANCE & ACRO/TUMBLING to students ages 18 months - Adults.

Award winning instruction is just the beginning at 3DCA! We work to create a place where technique is developed and skills are defined, but also where life skills, character and integrity are matured. Where students can learn to seek out the things God has placed deep in their souls, and through the arts, display His character and beauty on the stage... in other words, to take what is in their soul and make it "3D"!! 

3D Centre of the Arts, LLC is also South Carolina's first Y.P.A.D. (Youth Protection Advocates in Dance) Certified Studio.  What is Y.P.A.D? - Y.P.A.D's mission is "Through education and activism we stand united to stop all exploitation of youth in performing arts." In a culture where dance has turned increasingly sexual and many children are being exploited as commodities to market studios, TV programming, conventions, choreographers, artists and more through YouTube, classes and competitions, Y.P.A.D. Is a non-profit organization that offers education and training to help dance leaders protect our children and build a supportive community of advocates to unite and create solutions for change and accountability!

Y.P.A.D helps to educate our teachers, parents and students on why we believe in creating an environment that promotes age appropriate music, attire expectations & costumes, dance movement & choreography.  Our talented faculty bring years of professional experience and many are accredited members of Dance Masters of America.  Every 3DCA instructors is background checked, Y.P.A.D certified and CPR certified. Y.P.A.D also provides our students, teachers and parents training on social media exposure, physical safety, body awareness and self-esteem.

3DCA believes in creating a culture where we can #LetKidsBeKids and where our students understand #DanceisforEveryBODY !! 


Where #AgeAppropriateisNoLongerVague and we can allows kids to learn in a HAPPY, HEALTHY, and SAFE dance environment ... because #theDancerAlwaysComesBeforetheDance !!

We are so excited to be a part of this movement and support this amazing organization! You can learn more about Y.P.A.D. at

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